Winter is Here! What to Expect for Your Plumbing

The winter is often considered a festive time. With the holidays and time spent with family and friends, it is a close, cozy time of year. However, this season also includes some brisk, cold temperatures. With that comes some potential plumbing problems that you may not expect. If you are a home or business owner, you need to be practicing proper plumbing maintenance, especially during the frigid cold of the winter months. What potential plumbing problems might you expect to face for your home or business? The team at NYC Plumbing Service has come up with some coldly common winter plumbing problems for you to be on the lookout for.

1.    Broken Water Heater

Winter time means lots of hot water use because let’s face it, we all take a few extra minutes in the shower to enjoy the heat. However, the cold weather also means more stress and strain on your water heater. There are various problems to look out for. Some of these might include:

It is probably a good idea for you to invest in seasonal maintenance for your water heater each winter. In doing so, you could save yourself a great deal of money on repair costs. Give NYC Plumbing Service a call, and one of our qualified plumbers will stop by to check for leaks, drain your water tank, check for exposed wiring, and more.

2.    Clogs in the Sewer Line

The rain and cold winter season mean a greater likelihood of sewer line clogs for your home. Not only is this a nuisance because it puts your toilets, sinks, and showers out of commission for a day, but it also often leads to water and sewage backup into your home. Nobody wants to deal with the business of cleaning up raw sewage. Make yourself aware of the tell-tale signs of a main sewer line clog so you can call a plumber as soon as you notice something’s not quite right.

3.    Frozen Pipe

In our last article, we gave you some tell-tale signs of your pipes freezing over, making hot water a near impossibility. Frozen pipes are probably the most common plumbing problems we encounter during the winter. Frozen water combined with the pressure within your plumbing line probably isn’t what you put on your Christmas list. Actually, the combination of frozen water and pressure in your plumbing line will lead to the expansion of the frozen water within your pipes, causing strain and often times breakage or bursting. Refer to our last article to check for signs of your pipes freezing.

4.    Water Leaks

A water leak in winter can spell disaster for your plumbing line. As water leaks, it can easily solidify and freeze around other portions of your pipeline, causing even more damage with higher repair bills. Not only this, but a leaky pipe in winter can be difficult to detect. This means that little by little, your water bill will become more and more expensive, costing you potentially hundreds of extra dollars.

5.    Frozen Septic Tank

Just like in your home water tank, your septic tank has the potential to freeze over as well. A frozen septic tank or pipe could lead to blockages and further leaks in your home. If you get your routine maintenance taken care of before it gets too cold, you can avoid this problem altogether.

NYC Plumbing Service wants you and your family safe and warm during the cold of winter. If you think you may be encountering any of these problems, call us anytime! We will be happy to stop over and provide a consultation for any of your potential plumbing problems!

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