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How to Tell If You Should Contact a Company that Offers AC Repair Near You in Queens County Home

When the homeowners of Queens County are looking for “AC repair near me”, NYC Plumbing Service is the first company they call. As a premier Kew Gardens Hill, NY HVAC repair contractor, we’ve been maintaining the comfort and safety of the properties of Queens County and Queens County for more than 20 years. 

Our professionally trained, highly knowledgeable technicians have vast experience in heating and air conditioning repair. Using the most advanced techniques and state-of-the-art equipment and technologies, we can have your system back up and running in no time. If you’re having issues with your air conditioning system, instead of going through the hassle of searching online for “AC repair near me”, get in touch with a company you know will offer fast, effective, reliable, and affordable results: NYC Plumbing Service.

5 Signs You Should Contact a Queens County Company that Offers AC Repair Near You

Summer is just around the corner, and while there are so many wonderful things that come with the season, there are some downsides, too; most notably, blazing heat and oppressive humidity. Fortunately, you have a central air conditioner to keep your Queens County home comfortable, but just like any other part of your home, an HVAC system can experience problems, and when it does, your AC can malfunction. That’s why, before the sweltering weather temperatures roll in, it’s a good idea to check out your central air conditioner to ensure that it’s working properly. That way, if something is wrong, you can have it addressed before the summer arrives and you can avoid an uncomfortable and potentially dangerous situation (being exposed to extreme heat can lead to heat edema, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke, which can be life-threatening).

But how can you tell if your air conditioner needs to be repaired? Here are five signs that indicate you should get in touch with a Queens County company that offers AC repair near you.

Warm Air

Does the air blowing out of the vents in your Queens County house feel warm instead of cool? If so, check to make sure that the cooling mode is turned on and that the temperature on the thermostat is set lower than the temperature outside. If you’ve checked both of these things and everything is set properly, yet the air coming out of the vents still feels warm, you’re definitely going to want to contact a Kew Gardens Hill, NY HVAC repair technician. A reputable professional who specializes in AC repair near you will perform a thorough assessment of your entire system to determine the cause of the problem and will make the repairs that are necessary to ensure that your house will be cool and comfortable when the summer heat arrives.

Insufficient Airflow

When you turn your central air conditioning on, does it seem as if the airflow is off? If so, that’s a definite sign that you should contact a professional that offers AC repair near you. Several problems can impact a central AC’s airflow; the motor could be broken, the filter could be dirty, or there could be a blockage somewhere in the system that’s preventing the cool air from moving through the ductwork, for example. If insufficient airflow is a problem, contact a Kew Gardens Hill, NY HVAC repair company. A reputable professional will perform a thorough assessment of your entire system to pinpoint the underlying issue and will make the repairs that are necessary to ensure that it’s running properly.

Frequent Cycling

A central air conditioner goes through cooling cycles, and when the system is functioning properly, those cycles will be relatively consistent. While it may cycle more frequently on hazy, hot, and humid days, a properly functioning HVAC system shouldn’t cycle constantly. When you’re assessing your air conditioner, if it seems like it’s cycling a lot more than it should be, you should definitely start researching “AC repair near me” and schedule an appointment with a reputable Kew Gardens Hill, NY HVAC repair company. The problem could be a simple fix, such as a tune-up, or it could be something more serious; for example, the compressor may have malfunctioned and it has to be repaired or replaced. Whatever the problem, an experienced technician will diagnose and correct the issue.

Unusual Noises

Even when it’s functioning properly, an HVAC system does make some noise whenever it kicks on; however, that noise is usually minimal, sounds like a gentle whirr, and you probably don’t pay it any mind. If, however, your central AC starts making unusually loud noises – banging, clunking, or screeching, for example – turn the air conditioning off and call a company that offers AC repair near you. Those unusual sounds could be something as simple as a loose part that needs to be tightened up, or it might be a sign of a bigger underlying problem.

Increased Humidity

A central AC system does more than just generate cold air; it also removes excess humidity levels from your Queens County home. If the conditions inside your house are stickier than usual, something is definitely wrong with your air conditioner. A Kew Gardens Hill, NY HVAC repair technician will conduct a thorough assessment of your entire system, will determine the problem, and will make the repairs that are needed to ensure that the inside of your house remains dry on those hot, humid days.

Looking for Reliable, Affordable, and Efficient AC Repair Near You?

If your central AC unit is exhibiting any of the above-mentioned problems or you’re experiencing any other problems, get in touch with a premier Kew Gardens Hill, NY HVAC repair contractor: NYC Plumbing Service. Our team of professionally trained technicians will perform a complete assessment of your system and will ensure that your air conditioner will keep your Queens County cool and comfortable all summer long. To schedule an appointment, call 718-865-3965 or visit https://www.nyc-plumbing-service.com and we’ll be happy to assist you with all of your needs.

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